The Reasons Behind Facilitating the Turkish Nationality Terms

The Turkish State Gazette published on Friday the new amendment on terms for the citizenship through purchasing of real estate, which also includes purchasing under-construction properties where it was limited to completed properties only. Under the new law, a foreigner can acquire Turkish nationality when buying real estate in an unfinished [...]

Nationality Through Real Estate: New Law Amendments

The Turkish State Gazette published a new amendment and terms on the law granting citizenship to foreigners by buying real estate in turkey. According to the new amendment, which was published on Friday, a foreigner can apply for Turkish citizenship by buying under construction property, after it was limited to completed properties only. According to [...]

Turkey Launches Sustainable Cities Program in 10 Cities

Turkey has made great strides towards making its cities more sustainable, inclusive and well planned. High-level officials from the World Bank, the European Union, the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and officials from İller Bank met with local representatives from the capital's municipalities at the launching of the Sustainable Cities Program in Turkey. The Sustainable Cities Program [...]

Real Estate Sales for Foreigners Increases By 134.4%

In October, property sales to foreigners in Turkey rose by 15.1% compared to last September. The Turkish Statistics institution report on Wednesday showed a rising in sales of real estate in Turkey to foreigners in October by 134.4% compared to the same month of 2017, to reach 6.276 properties. Sales of mortgaged properties declined by 79.1% [...]

"Istanbul Canal" Mega-Project o Start in 2019

Turkish Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan announced on November 15 that Turkey plans to launch the Istanbul Canal project in 2019 in an interview with the Anatolia Agency in Ankara. "The construction of the Istanbul Canal should not be delayed until 2020, and we hope we will start working in 2019," Turhan said, adding [...]

Million Apartments Sold During 9 Months in Turkey

Turkish Finance and Treasury Minister Berat Albayrak said on Saturday that; since the beginning of this year and until the end of last September, a million and 2.391 thousand apartments had been sold in turkey. In a statement posted on his Twitter acc., Albayrak said 256,283 apartments were sold within the mortgaged sales, and 746,108 [...]

Turkey's Central Bank forecasts on Dollar Exchange Until 2018 End

Central Bank of Turkey has published its forecast for the dollar exchange rate against the Lira until the end of this year, indicating that the dollar exchange rate will stabilize at 5.64 lira. The central bank said in its forecast for this month that the dollar rate was expected to stabilize at 5.99 lira in [...]

Istanbul's New Airport Metro Will Be Completed by the End of 2019

Turkish Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan announced that the metro line between the "Gayrettepe" district and the new Istanbul airport will be completed by the end of 2019. Turhan said during a presentation on the ministry budget for 2019 ahead of the Plan and Budget Committee of the Turkish Parliament, [...]

210 Foreign Investors Applies for The Turkish Citizenship

210 foreign investors applied for Turkish citizenship after Turkey facilitated the process of acquiring the Turkish citizenship, Interior Minister Suleyman said on Oct. 31. On October 22, the first efforts began to test the new procedures, as of 30th the same month, 210 applications were submitted in Istanbul and Ankara, according to Soylu after a visit [...]

Dollar Drops Against Turkish Lira By 1.5%

Exchange rate of the Turkish lira against the US dollar rose on Friday by 1.5% compared to Thursday's close. According to official prices, the exchange rate was 5.45 Turkish lira to the dollar at 11:25 local time, the highest level of the Turkish currency since August 10 last. The improvement comes after President Donald Trump announced [...]

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