Purchasing Legal Procedures



Steps to consider before you purchase

  • Deal with licensed real estate broker companies.
  • Choose good reputation and credibility developing companies.
  • Never deal with individuals with no legal reference.
  • Inspect the project site personally.
  • Don't sing any contracts before inspecting the project on field and making sure of the company and the project site and review the purchasing contracts.



Property Purchasing Steps in Turkey

Documents required from the buyer

  • Tax number (Vergi No).
  • Valid Passport translated to the Turkish and a certified by the Notary.
  • 2 new personal photos of 4 x 6 not more than 6 months.



Documents required from the seller

  • Property title deed.
  • "Property Value Statement Document" is obtained from the competent municipality.
  • A valid 4 x 6 personal photos not more than 6 months old.
  • Copy of the building license and the registration document in the municipality.
  • Copy of all company documents such as: Establishment license - Copy of the commercial registry no. "if buying from a developing company".



Signing the contract

  • In case purchasing from the developer the contract is signed between the buyer and the developing company of the project in the presence of Prestige Istanbul company's lawyer of to ensure the safety of. Usually the contract is in English and Turkish.
  • In case purchasing from the property owner, the contract shall be signed between the buyer and the owner and must be registered in the notary to commence with the procedures of title deed transfer
  • If the buyer is the first foreigner to buy in the project, a military approval must be obtained to allow the ownership of the foreigners in this area. It may take from 1 month to 45 days to obtain the approval.



Why do you have to hire a lawyer and deal in a legal framework?

  1. The lawyer will review the purchase contract of the property, which is in Turkish and English in general.
  2. Through hiring a lawyer, he will be able to check your papers and sign in the absence instead of you, it will speed up transactions and shorten the time.
  3. The lawyer will ensure that the property seller has reviewed the military approval for foreigners to purchase in this particular area.
  4. At the time of purchase and closing the sale, the lawyer is the trusted third party who maintains all the parties' rights.
  5. The lawyer will carry out all necessary legal procedures that accompany the delivery of the property.
  6. The lawyer will review all official responsible parties and resolve all problems related to your property if any happens.
  7. Providing a lawyer's an attorney relieves you of the burden of frequent travel in order to terminate transactions related to the sale and purchase process.

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