Istanbul's New Airport .. The Meeting of Authenticity and Modernity

Its architectural style includes the cultural inventory of Istanbul and has won many international awards before its opening. It is being built on an area of ​​76.5 million square meters and will have an annual capacity of 200 million passengers. Istanbul's new airport, which Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan intends to [...]

Decisions and Sensitive Points About the Turkish Citizenship via Real Estate Investment

The Turkish presidential decision on 19 September opened the door to large facilitations for foreigners to acquire Turkish citizenship. The most important of these facilities is the acquisition of Turkish nationality through investment in real estate. In this article I will talk about the new amendments on the law of acquisition [...]

Turkish Air Transport Future After Istanbul's New Airport .. Figures & Statistics

Turkey plans to open Istanbul's new airport on October 29, the anniversary of establishing the Turkish Republic. The airport is expected to transport about 200 million passengers as the four phases are completed. In an article published in the Turkish newspaper "Sabah", the economic expert, Professor Kerem Alkin discussed the [...]

Positive Indicators on The Turkish Economy

On the background of structural problems in the Turkish economy along with the US sanctions on Ankara, Turkey suffered over the past few weeks from a financial crisis with varying degrees and impact. However, there are unhidden facts that from the reader and the experts, the current deficit transactional accounts on the one hand and [...]

Arab Reactions on The Turkish Nationality New Amendments

Arab reactions to new amendments on Turkish nationality varied between the searching for opportunities to benefit from it and how to apply its conditions to residents, and hopes to reduce the lower limit. However, there is general satisfaction in the Arab community towards facilitations, according to a report by Al Jazeera network. Al-Jazeera said that the [...]

How Foreign Investors Can Obtain Turkish Citizenship After The New Regulations

With the presidential decree issued on Wednesday 19 September 2018, it became very easy for foreign investors to acquire Turkish citizenship. It can be argued that the reason behind the decision was to grant Turkish nationality to foreign and Arab investors, whether residing in Turkey or those who wish to move into Turkey. Foreign [...]

Advantages of Banning Foreign Currency Dealings in Sale and Lease Contracts

Analysts and economics varied regarding the impact of the presidential decree issued on Thursday 13 September 2018, deciding dealing with Turkish Lira in sale, rental real estate and movable properties' contracts rather than foreign currencies. According to the decree on the amendment of law No. 32 on the protection of Turkish Currency [...]

A Golden Chance to Buy Properties with Low Turkish Lira Rates

The USD has exceeded 6.5 Turkish lira, which means those who own $ 100,000 today are worth much more than half a million Turkish liras, equivalent to the value of a villa or luxury apartment close to tourist areas. This represents an irreplaceable opportunity for foreign investors to buy properties in turkey, or in anticipation [...]

Process of Buying Property in Turkey Within One Day

Following the change in the Foreign Ownership law in Turkey, the real estate sector has witnessed remarkable growth over the last 6 years. Turkey has become a prime destination for Arab and other investors and owners who wish to carry out investment projects or buy houses in Turkey. Istanbul ranked first in the list of the [...]

Reasons Behind The Turkish Real Estate Revival

Back in 2015 when foreign capital flow to Turkey began to slow down, the Turkish government came up with the idea of giving foreigners Turkish citizenship in order to revive the real estate market. The law, issued earlier this year granted the right to obtain of Turkish citizenship to those who invest at least $ [...]

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