Property Taxes & Fees


The taxes and property buying fees in Turkey is considered low when compared to other European countries such as Spain, France and the United Kingdom.

Property taxes value in Turkey for foreigners are the same as Turkish citizens, and generally can be classified into the followings:


Property Purchasing & Title Deed Tax

The value of the registration tax and the transfer of ownership of the property is 4% of the property purchasing price. Paid only once by the buyer after the completion of the purchase and paid to the Turkish state.

Paid only Turkish state through the land registration office when ownership of the property is transferred and registered.

The value of the transfer tax is 4% of the property purchasing price.

In case purchasing in an under-construction project, this tax shall be paid after the completion of the project and property is delivered.


The Annual Tax

The annual property tax is paid by all property either the Turkish citizen or the foreigner.

The annual tax is paid annually to the state of at the beginning of each year, and it is estimated as 0.2% of the property value registered in the title deed.


Property Insurance

Insurance against earthquakes and natural disasters known as "DASK", and it is mandatory insurance and a legal condition that must be fulfilled.

The insurance is a must the property registration and obtaining the title deed. it is s renewed annually and depends on the value of the property.


The Profit Tax

The profit tax is only paid if the property it re-sold within 5 years of the first purchasing date and is calculated as 35% of the difference between the present selling value of the property and its value when it was sold at the first time.If a property is sold after 5 years from purchasing date, a tax exemption is obtained by law right.


Monthly Expenses

The monthly expenses paid to the complex management for cleaning, maintenance and guarding services and the complex facility usage of swimming pools, gyms, sauna, etc.

And it is approximately 3 - 4 Turkish lira per square meter of the property gross area.


Other Expenses

related to water, electricity and gas subscriptions, paid only once after receiving the property.

In addition to the monthly expenses related to electricity, gas, water and Internet bills and is fully dependent on personal use.

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