Real Estate Consulting In Turkey



Turkey is an emerging market and it has transformed to a Business Hub in the region.

The property market in Turkey has huge potential of offering lucrative benefits to investors. However, you need to understand market trends and identify the right projects to invest in.


Our clients can utilize our 10 years of experience and be confident while making their decisions on the best available options for any project that they intend to consider investing in.


Backed up by a professional team supported with academic knowledge, practical experience and know-how of the real estate sector, Prestige Istanbul Real Estate provides various integrated consultancy services pertaining to property development.


The scope of such services enables our clients to adopt a well-structured and researched approach to maximize revenues, while planning for a real estate investment at the initial stages of feasibility studies, our services cover:

  • Market Analysis.
  • Strategy Analysis.
  • Special Projects.
  • Pre-Development Consultancy
  • Highest and Best Use Analysis.
  • Financial Analysis & Modeling.
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis.
  • Reuse & Redevelopment Analysis.
  • Transaction Due Diligence.
  • At Prestige Istanbul Real Estate, we believe in using transparency and providing realistic expectations to our clients.


Why you should hire a property consultant?

A Real Estate transaction will likely be one of the largest and most important purchases of your life, which is why hiring a real estate advisor and consultant is highly advisable.


Whether you are buying, selling, renting or conducting any other form of a real estate transaction, our consultancy division can help make your transaction successful.


Real estate transactions can be complicated and time consuming, however with our knowledge and expertise in the field, we make the experience nearly effortless for you, by taking over the legal framework and helping you navigate through your transaction in a satisfactory and efficient manner.


At Prestige Istanbul Real Estate, we review all real estate documents for accuracy and your protection.

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