Reception & Inspection


Prestige Istanbul's comprehensive tour of turkey's properties will give you taste of all the options on the market, to help you make the best decision.

Our real estate touring service will enable you to not only explore the best versatile offers, but will also help you develop a firm understanding of turkey's properties.


Here in prestige Istanbul Real Estate, we understand the importance of educating our clients, so they can make the right purchase decisions based on accurate market knowledge and personal experience, which is made possible with our cost-free real estate tour.


Prestige Istanbul Real Estate officially represents over 50 of the best developers in turkey. Our team of experienced and expert advisers will give you the lay out of the land, and help you make a detailed decision when it comes to purchasing off-plan or ready property.


Via Prestige Istanbul Real Estate, you have access to ready as well as off-plan properties, which gives you the opportunity to explore any and many options at once via one agent, saving you the time and hassle of search.

Our inspection tours include the followings:

  • Pick up from your location.
  • Dedicated assistant property expert.
  • Extract tax number.
  • Passport translation.
  • Open a bank account.
  • Visit your preferred projects.
  • Detailed explanation of purchasing step and legal procedures.
  • Helping you to get extra discounts.


If you’re interested in purchasing a property in turkey, you can register for prestige Istanbul real estate inspection tours. Our travel concierge team will help you arrange your trip to turkey, at lowest corporate rates offered only to our clients and including:

  • Flight booking.
  • Hotel booking at competitive rates.
  • Airport transfer.


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