Turkey Launches Sustainable Cities Program in 10 Cities

Turkey has made great strides towards making its cities more sustainable, inclusive and well planned.

High-level officials from the World Bank, the European Union, the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and officials from İller Bank met with local representatives from the capital's municipalities at the launching of the Sustainable Cities Program in Turkey.


The Sustainable Cities Program aims to improve the economic, financial, environmental and social sustainability of Turkish cities. The project will help cities lay the foundation for sustainable infrastructure through comprehensive and integrated municipal plans and link them to a strong investment plan.


The program will also enable the concerned municipalities to obtain funding for their investments to provide improved services to their citizens.


During the launch of the program, "Sameh Wahba Global Director for Urban and Territorial Development, Disaster Risk Management and Resilience at the World Bank", emphasized that supporting sustainable cities is an essential mission to the World Bank's to promote shared prosperity and reaffirm commitment to working with Turkey to help overcome and Building sustainable and flexible cities challenges and promoting regional development.


The partnership developed under the Sustainable Cities Program provides a unique platform for integrated and multisectoral solutions to the various challenges faced by Turkish cities and to increase the financial capacity of municipalities, said "Johannes Zutt the World Bank Country Director for Turkey".


The Sustainable Cities Program includes a series of projects. The first project was approved in 2016 and the second in 2018 with a total value of approximately US $ 225 million. The aim is to support other projects in the future that allow municipalities interested in obtaining long-term financing for their investments.


Ten municipal municipalities, their water and sanitation facilities will benefit from technical assistance provided by the European Union, including the cities of Antalya, Balikesir, Denizli, Kahramanmaras, Kayseri, Malatya, Mardin and Mugla.

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