Decisions and Sensitive Points About the Turkish Citizenship via Real Estate Investment

The Turkish presidential decision on 19 September opened the door to large facilitations for foreigners to acquire Turkish citizenship. The most important of these facilities is the acquisition of Turkish nationality through investment in real estate.


In this article I will talk about the new amendments on the law of acquisition the Turkish citizenship through real estate investments, and the problems faced by foreign investors to obtain it.


First, it should be noted that the wife and children under 18 of the applicant investor may obtain Turkish citizenship at the same time. That is, the wife and children will not wait for 3 years. However, children over the age of 18 will not be able to obtain citizenship. They are required to apply for citizenship independently.


For investors wishing to acquire Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in accordance with the new laws after, will have to prove their payments of $ 250.000 worthy property which its title deed obtained after 19.09.2018 and all the payments were made through banks transfers when reviewing to obtain citizenship.

Statements about hand-to-hand payment will not be accepted.


The new amendments to the Nationality Law mention that the property or properties shall not be transferred to the applicant investors by his wife or children after 12.01.2017.


The new amendments to the Nationality Law state that if there is a mortgage on the property mentioned in the citizenship application, it will not be accepted.


If there is a partial mortgage on the property, it is accepted to obtain the nationality in case the value of the property that does not have a mortgage equals or exceeds the value of $ 250.000.


Our consultations with the Turkish state officials, with whom we discussed the proposals in this regard, that these are the recent amendments concerning the acquisition of Turkish nationality through real estate investment to foreigners. We can say that no further changes to the law will be made unless there is a major problem later on.


Lawyer: Khalil Arslan - Legal Counsel of Prestige Istanbul Real Estate.

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