Arab Reactions on The Turkish Nationality New Amendments

Arab reactions to new amendments on Turkish nationality varied between the searching for opportunities to benefit from it and how to apply its conditions to residents, and hopes to reduce the lower limit. However, there is general satisfaction in the Arab community towards facilitations, according to a report by Al Jazeera network.


Al-Jazeera said that the investment facilitations offered by Turkey to foreigners wishing to acquire the Turkish nationality opened the appetite of large segments of the Arab communities working in the sectors of business and real estate investments in Turkey.


The new decisions have triggered huge advertising campaigns by real estate companies and brokerage firms. Investment and real estate law experts expect an attraction of large segments of foreign investors, who are particularly interested in the Turkish real estate sector.

Turkey has amended the conditions for granting its nationality to foreigners through real estate and operational investment and through financial deposits in Turkish banks.


According to the new amendments, Turkish nationality has become in hands for foreigners purchasing a property worth $ 250,000 and holds it for at least 3 years instead of $ 1 million according to the old regulations.


foreigner who owns a fixed investment of at least $ 500,000 can also apply for Turkish citizenship after the conditions stipulated were the capital should not be less than $ 2 million.


According to the amendments published in the Turkish Official Newspaper on Wednesday morning 19 September 2018, the number of Turkish citizens the foreign investor should employ in to obtain citizenship has been reduced from 100 to 50 workers and employees.

Turkey has also reduced the required deposit in Turkish banks from $ 3 million to $ 500,000 for 3 years.


Turkish nationality is an important incentive for foreigners wishing to own property in the Turkey. It exempts investors from many conditions of establishing companies gives them right to loans and encouraging investment grants.


It also increases the ability of its owner to travel between a large number of countries that do not require a visa for Turkish passport holders of the Turkish passport, which is a total of 144 countries.


Turkish lawyer Khalil Arslan predicted that the amendment on the Turkish nationality law would increase the demand for it in the future, but urged foreign investors to pay attention to legal and technical issues related to other Turkish laws.


Arslan pointed out that the value of the new real estate investment does not necessarily mean owning one property worth $ 250,000 to obtain citizenship, explaining that the investor can obtain citizenship if he submitted documents proving ownership of several properties worth together the required amount.

He pointed out that property value calculation is in accordance with the dollar exchange rate on the title deed reception day not the purchasing contract or notary date.


The Turkish government has announced opening the door to naturalization of foreigners through real estate ownership late in 2016 after they were offered the right to permanent residence only through a document renewed annually proving the continued possession of the property, a condition that is still valid for owners of real estate does not amount to a 250.000 Dollars.

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